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Who needs training...the most?

Everyone needs training. Think of a profession where you can't be on the job until you know what you are doing and Health Care is at the top of the list. There is a lot on the line when you are making decisions and taking actions that involve other people's health care.

We recently learned a lot more about this when we worked with a hospital to train several hundred staff on the many policies and procedures their employees absolutely have to know. They came to us looking for a system to allow them to train their employees on their company manual. They also wanted the ability for employees to "sign off" and indicate their understanding and acceptance of the company manual policies and procedures.

One of the challenges in health care is the hectic pace that people have to work within. It makes it next to impossible to do a lot of group training with everyone at the same time. This was an ideal situation for the PolicyMagic.com system. You can see more details on this Policy Training for Health Care website.

It is very rewarding to hear from the employees of this health care facility as they completed the training. They are so appreciative that they are able to access the training materials online. And they can start and stop the training if they can't finish it all at one time. The ability to complete it online really takes their needs into consideration. This makes a big difference for the organization as well. Their employees complete the training faster which means less time off the job.

Everybody wins!