We're Making a Difference...

To a Million People,

One Person at a Time

To All The Subject Matter Experts - We Salute You!

Over the years we have had many people talk to us about taking their knowledge and making it available online.  And not everyone takes the step to actually do it. There is some work involved to get the materials into an e-learning format. What you do in a face to face training session or workshop can't always be duplicated online. For some they haven't had experience creating test questions which creates a new challenge.

There are many benefits to online learning. The one that has always been the ability to increase the number of people you are able to impact with your knowledge. In face to face training there is a minimum number of people required to make it affordable to run the training session. Any type of training where your goal is to minimize your cost of delivery for an acceptable level of knowledge transfer is perfect for online learning.

Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing your expertise. It takes courage to do that. And to take the next step and make your knowledge accessible online the difference you make is even greater.

Thank you for being a Difference Maker!