We're Making a Difference...

To a Million People,

One Person at a Time

Training Gaps

Everyone has a training gap. This is the difference between what they need to know and what they know. Consider how quickly our knowledge becomes obsolete. New employees often face a huge learning gap that needs to be closed as quickly as possible. 

Working With Individuals

We have helped thousands of individuals who needed training to get a job, to upgrade their skills.  Many reply on our systems to acquire continuing education and professional development credits. Be Safe And Certified.

Working With Employers

Employers have really contributed to the success of our online learning systems.  What's good for an employer who has 10 people who needs to take WHMIS training is just as good for an employer with over a thousand employees who need to review their Code of Conduct training.

You Can Help

We love to talk about training and testing, learning and professional development. We can't imagine anyone who doesn't care about learning. Let's connect and tell us what's on your mind.


Given the Choice - Do You Want Trained or Untrained?

As a Customer - do you want someone to help you who has been trained or is untrained?

As a Manager - do you want your employees to be trained or untrained?

When you do a job do you want to be trained or untrained?

Trained it is.  And that is what we do.  We provide the training engine, learning management systems, online training delivery platforms which our Clients use to leverage knowledge to take someone from untrained to trained.

Our Vision is to make this difference, taking someone from untrained to trained and make a difference for a million people.  This site was setup to share ideas, success stories and be a source of inspriration for the many people involved in our journey as well as other Difference Makers.

Every day we get opportunities to see the difference and be the difference.

The Difference Makers