We're Making a Difference...

To a Million People,

One Person at a Time

It's the choices we make and chances we take that makes us Difference Makers.

When SafeAndCertified.com was just getting started we made an important decision. The first decision was that this would be something big. We knew it would take a lot to create the kind of "training engine" that we had envisioned.

We knew the idea to create the technology to allow someone to take a training course anywhere and anytime had a lot of potential.  We also knew it would take a lot of work, time and money. My Dad had a saying that anything worth doing was worth doing your very best. When we were setting our sights on how big we could be we threw out the number, one million. We decided if making a difference by teaching one person what they needed to know, then making a difference for a million people would be a goal that was worthy of the effort we were expecting to put into this.

The Difference Meter is an idea we came up with to keep track of our journey and vision to reach a million people with our online learning systems. When we first installed it on our home page it would site unchanged for long periods of time. Now the Difference Meter is a source of inspiriation for our team and our Clients.

We continue to make choices to give out Clients the tools they need to move people from untrained to trained, to leverage what they know with people who need to know. To everyone who has helped us to create this amazing opportunity, thank you, we appreciate it so much. I can speak for everyone in our team when i say we love what we are doing and look forward to each and every new opportunity.

Allan Dubyts, CEO

SafeAndCertified.com Inc.