We're Making a Difference...

To a Million People,

One Person at a Time

Can you imagine keeping track of training for 1600 people in a spreadsheet?

Neither could we!

This was one of the situations that led to the idea for SafeAndCertified.com. It was kind of a funny story about how the spreadsheet worked OK in the first year with a couple courses. But when it was extended to the next year and more courses it became unworkable. What the Client really wanted was just to keep track of who had done their training and when they needed to renew the training.

When we asked them about actually doing the training online, they told us not to be a dreamer, you couldn't do that. As we asked more questions about how the process worked we could see that knowing who needed training was the tip of the iceberg. The reason it was a problem was because it was taking so long to train people and you couldn't schedule training until the person was on the list of people who needed training.

We knew as soon as we could deliver a tracking solution to monitor who needed training the next hurdle would be to schedule training and deliver the training. And we had ideas on how we could do that.

This led to the first training engine which is now the TrainingToDo.com platform for custom training. Soon after the SafeAndCertified.com training and testing system was created to provide Clients with a set of online health and safety training courses.

We have come a long way from our first Client. As the technology has evolved and expanded we are still in the business of making a difference, one person at a time.